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Canine Cough Brochure



General Information!

As a pet owner leaving my pet at Canine Country Club, I understand that there are certain risks of injury or illness that are out of the control of the staff.


Pets, by their very nature, are often times nervous, hyper excitable, and don’t always use good judgment.  Hence they sometimes injure themselves while playing with other pets or over-reacting to being enclosed. 


Pets also, by their very nature, are not as concerned with cleanliness as humans.   Although our staff makes every attempt to sterilize all items possible in the facility, I understand that some diseases are airborne and do not require direct contact with other pets and that infectious pets are often not obviously infectious.  I understand that my pet is in a social situation much like human day care and that infectious problems are impossible to eliminate completely. 


Pets are not as concerned with what they put in their mouths as humans are and they can swallow something in a short period of time.  

When you return from your trip, here are some things that can help you and your pet to have a happy homecoming:

  • Try to pick up your pet during our normal business hours. Attempting to conduct business after hours is not only problematic for the kennel operator and a likely disruption of sleep for boarding animals, but can also result in a wasted trip to the kennel.

  • Ask about your pet’s stay. We keep records on how well your pet adapted to the food, routine and environment we provide, as well as any unusual behavior he or she displayed or require any special handling that was required. 

  • Do not feed or water your dog for at least four hours after returning home. Cats adapt to their return home with the same easy acceptance with which they adapt to boarding, but dogs can become very excited when returning. And when dogs become excited, they tend to gulp food and water. Unfortunately, owners who allow their dogs unlimited access to either food or water immediately after returning home, frequently trigger vomiting and/or diarrhea. Let him or her calm down (about four hours) before offering food.

  • Contact us if you have any questions about your pet’s behavior after returning home. Sometimes pet owners become unnecessarily concerned about behavior, which is completely normal. (For example, many dogs tend to sleep almost continuously for a day or two after returning home. This is usually a result of being back in a relatively calm environment after the excitement of the kennel). However, if you observe anything that appears to be out of the ordinary, contact us to discuss your observations. We want you to understand the boarding process and your pet’s reaction to it, and will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

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