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Regular Suite: Boarding is $1.25 per hour with a minimum one day stay for altered dogs. Intact males or females will be $1.35 per hour. Extended stays of 6 days or more will receive an additional $0.10 per hour off.  
VIP Suite: Boarding is $1.45 per hour. Each VIP boarding dog will get their choice of 1 of 3 included packages to choose from:
1. The Pampered Pup Package includes a bath and scarf- if your dog plays hard and always finds a way to get dirty, then this is the package for you!
2. The Foodie Pup Package includes a gourmet treat and toy of your dog's choice.
3. The Playful Pup Package includes a toy of you dog's choice plus 15 minutes of 1 on 1 time with our staff. 
Add Ons:
Bedtime Snack: price determined by snack picked
1 on 1 Playtime: 15 minutes ($10)
Outdoor Walk: 15 minutes ($12)
Spoiled Pup Package: cuddle, walk, and a gourmet treat ($20)
Peanut Butter Kong ($5)
Small Dog Bath ($10)
Medium Dog Bath ($15)
Large Dog Bath ($20)
XL Dog Bath ($25)
Nail Trim ($15)
Vaccination Records: We Require that the Distemper, Rabies, and Kennel cough vaccination be current and that a flea preventative be used on a monthly basis.  
Food:  It is important to not vary your pet’s diet during their stay, as it can induce stomach upset. It is very important that you send enough of their food with them, for the duration of their stay. 

Leash/Carrier: For the safety of all pets, please be sure that your pet is on a leash or in a carrier when entering/exiting the building.

Bed or Blanket: An item from home will help comfort your pet while you're away. *A plush item from home may be a good idea if your dog chews on beds, blankets etc.

Toys & Bones: Many pets enjoy the opportunity to play with toys while they are resting in their rooms. 

Medications: All pills, supplements and additives prescribed by a veterinarian are treated as medications. This includes over-the-counter allergy medications. Medications should be brought in the original prescription bottle. 

**Please be aware that the Canine Country Club is not responsible for items left in our facility, and will not pay for/or provide replacement items. We cannot guarantee that it will be returned in the same condition. Canine Country Club is not responsible for, including but not limited to: leashes, bowls, beds, food scoops and toys.

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