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Your pet is more than just an animal who shares your home. They are your faithful companions, your fearless protectors, and givers of unconditional love. They entertain you, comfort you, and enrich your life in so many ways. 

Our goal at the Canine Country Club is to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating environment for your pet. We believe strongly in the benefits of socialization with other humans, and other pets and helping your companion become more confident and well rounded.  We strive to provide a nurturing, controlled environment for your pet to get the exercise and stimulation they so greatly need. 

We offer individual play time for our boarding guests who are not able to play in daycare due to temperament reasons, social reasons, not being spayed or neutered, health reasons, etc. There are additional charges for some of these services.

After their stay with us…

When they come home they will be excited and will likely be thirsty. Water is always provided here, but sometimes the dogs get too busy playing that they don't drink as much as they should. We feed them in the morning around 10am and in the evening around 7pm each day. Please monitor how much water they drink when they get home. If they are excited and drink too much they may vomit. You may want to give them time to settle down before giving them food or water.  

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